GIS & Database Management

GPT’s strategic vision regarding data management is to provide tailored end-to-end data management solutions from in-field data collection using a customised app to end-user data consumption through value-adding bespoke dashboards.

GPT currently has six designated resources that support GIS and data management activities, and the business unit is expanding continuously to ensure we have the resources required to remain at the forefront of technology. We provide services to both internal business units and external clients.

Data is at the centre of what we do, as it adds value to our customers, allowing for strategic planning and guides decision-making. We can help you make sense of your data by providing insights that range from big-picture to the smallest detail.

Most of GPT’s projects have an element of data management to them. By providing centralised SQL databases, we can store multiple media types while enforcing referential integrity, enhancing the data’s quality and security.

Our solutions have yielded operational efficiencies for multiple clients by leveraging Microsoft technology in the form of PowerApps and PowerBI. Our solutions are built in the cloud, for the cloud; are scalable and easy to maintain; and provide an enhanced, intuitive user experience.