About us


Since our inception, Geo Pollution Technologies has focused on delivering tailor-made environmental services, that go beyond the requirements.

The company was established by Dr. V d A Coetsee in 1994. Ever since, the company has dealt with, amongst others, hydrocarbon spills, mining and mining-related groundwater issues, industrial geological assessments, environmental due diligence, environmental impact assessments, and environmental auditing. We have been involved with a number of projects in Europe, addressing groundwater contamination not only in Southern Africa but also in the United Kingdom and in Germany.

Geo Pollution Technologies has embarked on a training programme for its staff members following the ISO 9001 requirements. Further to this, GPT staff regularly attend international conferences, workshops and training courses, thereby maintaining high levels of technical capability, while remaining on the forefront of international trends in environmental management.

Involvements with similar hydrogeological consultancies have expanded GPT’s markets and enhance the company’s technological expertise, to the benefit of its clients. We provide services to various industries including mining, petrochemical, heavy engineering, agricultural, property developers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, auditing bodies and other associated consulting companies. We believe that an agreeable compromise between economic development and environmental concerns is always possible, and can be achieved through a thorough understanding of both the company’s client’s needs and the requirements of environmental authorities.

Where To Find Us

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Pretoria, South Africa
  • Durban, South Africa
  • Maputo, Mozambique

More About GPT Tech

Vision And Mission

The Route To The Future Is Clear…


GPT is a proudly South African environmental consultancy, striving to provide value-adding solutions through innovative expertise to existing and new clients.



To manage GPT as a value-adding, diversified, and turnkey environmental service provider of quality services through cost-effective management and employee empowerment.

Value Systems

A Sound Foundation Is Required To Build A Solid Structure…


We act with integrity that generates trust from our colleagues as well as from our stakeholders. Our integrity and pride in our work is evident in our professionalism.


We respect each other, our stakeholders and the environment. We take pride in our teamwork that creates respect for all to see.


We act honestly with all stakeholders by taking responsibility and communicating appropriately.

Work Hard And Smart

We work as a professional team, we communicate clearly with stakeholders, we think and plan; and we maintain a healthy balance in life


The Best Quality Service Requires The Best Quality Management systems…

Due to the nature of the work done by GPT on a daily basis, our emphasis is to adhere to our HSSE management system as well as to our ISO 9001;2008 quality management system. Equal to our emphasis on quality, GPT was recently audited by an international company in South Africa for which we had to assess the contamination status of a 320-hectare depot and the development of remedial measures. Herewith the feedback from the auditor:

“I would like to congratulate you on obtaining 94% Green compliance grading with the recent Supplier Accreditation safety audit. There are only a few companies that are able to obtain green with their initial audit. As you know, I represent an international petrochemical company and the audit is extremely diligent on all safety system requirements and is concluded with a detailed field assessment. As a safety auditor, practitioner and university safety lecturer I would recommend Geo Pollution Technologies (Pty) Ltd to any company due to their compliance and passion for safety, health, and environmental issues. Please feel free to contact me on any feedback required, and thank you for the privilege to have audited your company!

The right people, to do the job right, the first time…

As part of GPT’s commitment to South Africa, the directors took a decision during 2011 to invest in Enterprise Development in partnership with one of our long service employees. Mr. S Phophi (MSc, Pr Sci Nat) was given the opportunity to start a hydrogeological consultancy company in Kwa-Zulu Natal, namely GEM-GPT. The company in which Mr. Phophi holds the majority shares (51%) performed exceptionally from date of inception. GPT’s clients benefit through this as it is possible to deliver a professional consultancy service at a competitive price, not mobilizing from Gauteng. Through this, GPT shows its commitment towards BEE and thus achieved a score of 25/25 for Enterprise Development (BBBEE). GPT is a level 2 BBBEE compliant company